About Us

We are Americans and people of democractic nations concerned about an increasingly aggressive China and we are ready to peacefully retaliate by pledging to boycott all Chinese goods. Tarrifs are good but what is needed is a full boycott. We will soon be adding list of goods that are made right here in the USA to help those who took the pledge BUY AMERICAN! As this peaceful boycott grows we will be bringing you more and more information as to why this boycott is essential to protect America from Chinese aggression. 

China's dangerous military buildup

China is pouring money into building up their military. Their military budget is close to 200 billion dollars and growing. But remember, China pays its soldiers a fraction of what the US does. We feel the 200 billion is actually many times more than that in actual results.

China expanding military bases overseas

China is taking the money that you spend on their goods and preparing for war with it. They are building military bases in the South China Sea, they are threatening neighbors and threatening United States Navy vessels sailing in international waters.

Join the boycott!